• Persistent Like RBG

  • Curious like DaVinci

  • Brave Like Malala

  • Resilient Like Mandela

Who They See, Shows Them Who They Can Be!

A subscription box that introduces kids to inspirational role models, sparks their curiosity and connects them to their own possibilities.


Tales of true heroism from the NY Times best selling Who Is book series to inspire children. 

Activities to EMPOWER

Fun activities to spark curiosity and connect children to their own possibilities.

Three Series to EDUCATE

Innovators, activists and artists- choose 1 or learn about all 3.

Inside A Subscription Box For Kids

Each monthly box contains a book and activities to EDUCATE, INSPIRE and EMPOWER kids to discover their strengths and share them with the world!

1. A Who Was book to introduce kids to brave, forward-thinking role models.

2. Persistence, resilience, curiosity, etc...learn about the skills kids need to follow their passion and make an impact.

3. Fun, hands-on activities to spark curiosity and connect kids to their own possibilities.


Choose Your Series

Too hard to choose? Choose the combo and enjoy all 3 series.

Introduce your child to brave, forward-thinking role models that have been instrumental in political or social change.


Introduce your child to forward-thinking, innovative role models that have given us new ideas and inventions.


Introduce your child to creative, forward-thinking role models that have created works of art.


Wonder Crate Kid of the Month

At just 5 years old, Chloe Snyder is the CEO of Give Back Bags and has been called the "Youngest Philanthropist in the World!"

As Seen In

What People are Saying

"I really think I could read this book all night and not sleep."

Ethan, age 6

"This crate was by far the most to-the-point that we’ve come across. It’s full of great stuff that goes alongside the theme but isn’t wasting time or space with unnecessary trinkets. I appreciate this."

E.M. Stone (Secular Home Schooler)

"I had just as much fun as Kaleb working through our Wonder Crate – and may have worked on one of my own animations when he was done."  

Jolanthe (Homeschool Creations)